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Get more customer with a beautiful website. Let us build you one in a second. All you need is a Facebook page.

[ 60 days Free Trial or ₦ 8, 000/yr ]

For many entrepreneurs, the process of creating a website is still too complicated and inaccessible. Creating a Facebook page for their small business, however, is a much more viable idea. Pagevamp is a website creation engine that turns your company’s Facebook page into a fully-functional website. Not only do you establish a stronger web presence because Google gives preference to websites with their own top-level domains, but you increase your accessibility and conversion rate because visitors are much more likely to take action on a website rather than a Facebook page.

The caveat is that the Pagevamp platform needs to start from a Facebook page rather than a personal page, so you do need to put in the effort to setting one up first. Other than that, you just plug in your Facebook page URL into the Pagevamp website creator, and it churns out a fairly decent-looking website for you within moments. There are a few basic customization options like adding pages, selecting font styles, colors, or designs, but for the most part, the website is good to go. Plus, if you’re having trouble setting up your Facebook page, Pagevamp even has a team that can help you out.

Pagevamp has only one plan, with the option of paying yearly or monthly. The annual subscription is discounted and comes with a free domain registration, whereas the monthly subscription will include a separate charge for the domain. If you already have a domain name, you can connect it to your Pagevamp account free of charge.