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In the bid of NTEACS to expand its business across Nigeria and through out the continent of Africa, NTEACS is currently accepting funds from investors who believe in the vision of the business to be the largest wholesaler in Nigeria by revenue in the year 2025. It is no longer a news that,ranging from food to electronics, from luxury specialists to discounters, the retail sector is a diverse and dynamic one – and extremely susceptible to changing consumer tastes, as well. Yet the industry seems to grow every year, regardless of economic cycles or capital costs.

What is NTEACS ?

NTEACS is an abbrevation for New Time Energy and Convenience Store, it is a business engaged in the following trade
a.) Car Wash
b.) Retail
c.) Wholesale
d.) Training and Consultancy

This is a sister company of CLOVO-WORKS.

NTEACS Business Model ?

As a wholesaler we are opened to the business opportunity of selling in large quantity per product at once, which opens up new revenue streams and enable us to achive contact with thousands of differnet consumers. Our line of business provides more stability because the responsibility for selling our product to consumers by-and-large falls to the wholesale buyer. As a wholesaler a large portion of our time is spent on supply chain management and logistics – getting products to a particular location, overseeing the manufacturing process and maintaining and tracking inventory.

Why Should You Invest ?

There are mainly four reasons why any investor will invest his or her money into our business :-
1. Return on Revenues
2. Return on Invested Capital
3. Return on Total Assets
4. Return on Capital Employed

How Can You Invest ?

Kindly fill in the form below, an account manager will do a follow up.

Where are your money invested in ?

Your money is used to expand the business of NTEACS so that the overall revenue generated by the business can increase, because the business will now be able to offer more products to the general public and also serve a larger number of customers.

Are there any risk ?

Yes, there is risk. All investment have the risk of loosing the money invested into the business, but this kind of business is different because the money in this case is used mainly to procure goods and facilities that will enable us to deliver our products and services to our consumers. This means that we can always sell of our asset to pay back our investors should there be a cogent reason to do that.

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