How to get clients for your web design & development service business – Method 1

How to get clients for your web design & development service business – Method 1

Sending of proposal letters to your targeted audience
The word proposal literally means suggestion, which is usually in written form, while a letter is a written message from a sender to a receiver, using deductive reasoning we can say that a proposal letter is a written suggestion from the sender to the receiver. In this way one person is suggesting a solution that will either solve a negative cause or improve a positive cause. In the case of web design we are suggesting to the targeted audience that a website will improve productivity, enhance sales and increase efficiency of the business. The fact that sending of a proposal letter is a microcosm of the strategic marketing aspect of a tech company cannot be over emphasized, and this letter should be focused on educating the reader on the advantages of having a website/web application rather than elucidating immensely how good your company is, this is because your principle purpose is to convince your reader in the first instance that he/she needs a website for their business and in the conclusion aspect of the letter you can allude how good and reliable your firm is.

Who you are to send the proposal letter to [ Targeted audience ]
In this section of the article we will be learning how to ascertain the potential clients for our web design & development service

  1. From my own point of view every business/individual that exchange’s goods and services for money needs a website
  2. We need to narrow the business/individuals in No. 1 to the group that genrates a revenue starting from #300, 000 per month and above, this enable’s us to sort the portion of our targetted audience that can afford a standard website priced at #80, 000 and above. Else we will find our selves sending proposal letter to businesses that cannot afford a standard custom website.
  3. We need to narrow the businesses/indiviuals that are No. 2 to the group that dont have website already, this enables us to utilize our resources efficiently and not make us advertise our service to those who don’t need it.

How to get the contact information of your potential clients

  1. Visit a local directory website and click on the categories available, go through the contact details, you will see their contact information, also when a business already has a website ite ill be listed there and if it does not it will not be listed there, by this way you can know which business already have a website or not.
  2. Google search terms like “Manufacturing companies near me”, google search engine will call up businesses in its directory that is close to you by this way, you can extract their contact details, click view more to actually see more businesses. Note that the search terms can be modified to any other keywords like “saw mills in lagos, Nigeria”.
  3. Buying of businesses contacts, this come’s in various forms, physical copy like magazines or digital copy like excel documents. There are agents who have taken their time to collate the contacts of companies in Lagos and Nigeria at large and for a certain fee which is usually affordable they are ready to sell you a copy. This is usually stress free and reduce the time taken to collate business contacts by you.

Follow up via sms, email & calls
You can follow up via email, calls or sms, at times this serve’s as reminder to the recipients or it shows your prospect you are serious about what you want to sell. It is highly advice able to obtain the best time to call a prospect before calling, do not send sms or email consecutively within a short period of time, else the sms or email client will see your messages as a unsolicited mails or sms.

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