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You can now  start accepting payments on your website ( CMS OR NON SMS ) for as low as $100 set up fee, all that’s is required is to contact CLOVO-WORKS. If you don’t have a merchant account, we can help you set one up and offer a payment gateway in one convenient package. Debit cards aren’t processed cheaply, at least not for a startup. A typical fee schedule for a small-volume account (fewer than 1,000 transactions monthly) would include monthly processing fees ranging from $10 to $100, plus transaction fees of about 3 to 5 percent per transaction. Some providers also charge startup fees, but shop around–in many cases the startup fee will be waived if you ask.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are sure to love this free, cloud-based online invoicing and payments platform because it’s been designed for the small business owner. Due provides a wealth of financial, accounting, and project management tools that can save you time and money on non-revenue generating tasks while delivering a professional look and feel that also reflects your brand image. The platform includes a time tracking app, templates for quotes and invoices, online invoices for domestic and global clients, mobile and email invoice viewing and payment integration, reporting and dashboard functionality, and integration with other software like Basecamp. The transparent, low-cost payment options deepen the value that Due offers, including a range of payment acceptance methods like domestic and international credit card processing with a flat rate and no hidden fees, digital wallet functionality, and e-cash/e-check acceptance.

What are the advantages of the Payment Gateway?

Secure and reliable real-time transaction processing.

Easy report generation, payment settlements and account reconciliation process.

Enables multiple-currency payments.

Customized gateway as per the payment process requirements of individual entities.

Integrates with other channels such as website, IVR, Kiosks, Call Center, Mobile Devices and Batch processing.

Protects merchants or corporations from any misuse or fraud attempts.

Supports customer dispute.