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RapidSSL® is an SSL industry staple, and you can see what your site looks like equipped with this popular brand for FREE. This option is a fully functioning RapidSSL certificate, available on a 30-day trial basis. So, you can get used to the SSL enrollment and installation process and enjoy the benefits of a secured website, like the padlock icon and “https” in the browser bar, at no cost to you. Then, when the 30 days have expired, you can either upgrade to a full RapidSSL certificate or explore some of our more premium options for greater value.

Since a RapidSSL certificate is just domain validated, it can be issued to your site in mere minutes. This is one of our quickest SSL options and our 30 day trial ensures you can get familiar with the process at no cost to you. The Certification Authority only needs to validate that you actually own the domain you wish to secure. This free RapidSSL® is a fully-stable up to 256-bit encryption SSL certificate, making it an ideal temporary solution for a very light ecommerce site or a customer login form. Unfortunately, RapidSSL does not support multiple domains on one SSL certificate, so this free option is not available for more than one domain.

Mobile compatibility isn’t the strongest feature of this certificate. But you can try it out for FREE for 30 days and see what you think. Ultimately, if your customers access your site via mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), we would recommend a more premium, yet low-cost, DV cert like the Thawte SSL 123.

Up to 256-bit strong encryption, industry standard SSL
The lowest cost install SSL certificate
99% browser recognition rate, no chained installation
Automated online validation – no paperwork
Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
FREE “Secured by RapidSSL” site seal
Risk free: 30 day refund and reissue policy
Optional – Installation Support Available!

Single Domain Name (FQDN)
Issued Immediate ***
Domain Validation
Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
99% Browser Compatibility
Site Seal Included
Unlimited – Install on any number of servers
FREE self-service reissues during validity period

With this certificate, you will be able to display the recognized “Secured by RapidSSL®” static site seal on your website for 30 days at no charge. These static site seals are quick & easy to install, but they are not “clickable.” This means that they don’t show any additional verification information related to your site. It also does not display any real-time data related to your website’s security.

Since this is a FREE option, a warranty is not applicable. However, a full RapidSSL certificate does come with a $10,000 warranty. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all of our SSL certificates.

With RapidSSL, the name says it all. If you’re searching for a simple security solution with a lightning-fast issuance time, look no further than RapidSSL. While not as globally recognized for trust and security as a more premium brand like Symantec, RapidSSL still provides websites with a reputable trust-seal and desired level of encryption strength. This brand is highly sought-after by start-ups, small businesses operating under a limited budget, and light ecommerce websites.