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Profession related to clothing and apparel is one of the oldest and most basic occupations of human beings, with a rich and varied past. Fashion has become an integral part of contemporary society. It is one of the focal topics of the print and electronic media, television, Internet, advertisements, music, movies and marketing. Hence a fashion-related study is a key for several opportunities in many industries related to apparel, accessories, textiles, automobiles, films, and advertisement. India is known for its rich heritage of textiles and costumes. The global interest and demand for traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship have aroused huge opportunities in the field of fashion and apparel industry for domestic market and export. Production of textiles and garments for Indian as well as international markets led to the setting up of manufacturing and export units all over the country. The Fashion and Apparel industry in India is spreading and growing by leaps and bounds, providing employment to over a million people. Skilled and trained professionals are required by these units largely. Professional in this area is mostly employed by wholesale or manufacturing outlets, where garments are typically created for mass production.

In these settings, they tend to work as full or part-time members within a team. A number of apparel designers are self-employed; they often create custom clothing and can work unusual hours to meet clients’ needs. In response to such a scenario, the course ‘Fashion and Apparel Designing’ is being introduced at Vocational Higher Secondary Schools as an independent course in the vocational stream. Fashion and Apparel Design, as a profession, includes the entire process of designing and producing fashion apparel from the fiber and yarn stage to the finished product. This course offers skill in designing, construction and ornamentation of garments. It develops the students’ skills in all aspects of fashion and apparel design such as pattern making, draping, sewing, finishing of garments, embroidery and other value addition techniques, marketing and merchandising. Students develop a fashion portfolio at the end of the course. They can undertake fashion projects from the initial stage to the finished garment. Fashion Studies help the students to develop self-confidence by improving their skills in selecting and making their own clothes. This course gives more importance to self-employment, thereby increasing the living standard of a person as well as his community. It also helps students to make an informed decision about their future goals. It enables vertical mobility to students who wish for higher education after VHSE. After successful completion of this training the students may be able to join:

a. B.Voc in Fashion Designing.
b. B.Voc in Apparel Manufacturing Technology.
c. B.Sc Fashion Technology / Costume and Fashion Designing.
d. Diploma in Fashion Designing/ Apparel Manufacturing.

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