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How to Upload a WordPress Theme Manually

  1. Download and install Filezilla client on your machine, this application is a free FTP solution
  2. Obtain your FTP connection details from your website Control Panel
  3. Insert your FTP connection credentials on the FTP client and click on quick connect.
  4. Download the theme from the theme vendor, and extract the install able folder
  5. On your FTP client navigate to [yourdomainname]/wp-content/themes
  6. Upload the Extracted Folder to the path in step 5 on the remote server
  7. Log on to the WordPress dashboard, hover appearance, click on themes, you should be seeing the uploaded theme amid other themes
  8. Click activate on the newly uploaded theme


  1. Nulled themes have virus and other forms of malware’s, is highly not advice able to use nulled themes
  2. Click Here to Download Filezilla FTP client
  3. Theme market place you can buy themes from include, etc.
  4. Default WordPress login page can be viewed by adding /wp-admin to the domain name