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SSL Certificate Installation Service

Why deal with all the hassle and stress that comes with installing an SSL certificate if you don’t have to? When you purchase our SSL Certificate Installation Service. Our highly qualified SSL experts will install your SSL certificate properly with just minimal involvement on your end. We’ve been generating and installing SSL certificates for years, so why not let a professional handle it for you?  When you choose to use our SSL Installation Service, we will manually perform the necessary server-side tasks associated with properly installing your certificate on your web server.


SSL/TLS installation is a fairly technical process. Most web users are completely unfamiliar with all that goes into installing a certificate, especially in today’s automated, one-click world. The fact of the matter is, most certificates need to be manually installed on the web server in which your domain resides. If you’re a newbie to SSL or have better things to do with your time (like focusing on core competencies of your business!). Our SSL Installation Service is the perfect option for you.

Remember, SSL is all that we do here! So, our experienced team members have the knowledge and technical expertise necessary to properly install SSL certificates across a wide variety of server types and platforms. If you need help with the CSR Generation process, please make sure to note that during the purchasing process. Once you purchase our SSL Installation Service and your certificate is available. You’ll be able to schedule some time with a member of our team to have your certificate professionally installed for you.

This can be done in three different ways, depending on your preference:

How It Work Calender

  • Simply provide us with temporary server credentials* to perform an installation remotely (most popular).
  • Schedule a screen-sharing session that you control with one of our SSL experts.
  • Schedule a phone call with one of our team members to offer step-by-step guidance.

*PLEASE NOTE: We do not store any credentials that you provide to us. All usernames and passwords will no longer be in our database upon completion of installation. For added security and assurance, we always encourage users to create a temporary username/password to grant us access, then delete it immediately after installation is successful.

To summarize:

  • Enter the necessary information for an SSL Installation Service and Add to Cart.
  • Complete the purchase of your SSL Installation Service.
  • The SSL Installation Service will be viewable from within your control panel as a regular order.
  • Once your certificate is available, click on “Schedule” next to the order in your “My Orders” list.
  • Request your ideal times you would like us to perform the install and then we will get in touch with you via phone or email.


What’s Included?

Our SSL Installation Service is redeemable for one certificate on one server. Should you need the certificate installed on multiple servers, each additional server will cost an extra $20.00. If the certificate needs to be reissued anytime throughout its life, you can use this service again. However it will be an additional $24.99 per certificate and $20.00 for additional servers. Should there be an industry-wide update that mandates a certificate(s) be reissued, we will install the new certificate for you free of charge. Examples of industry-wide updates include the SHA-2 migration, the Heartbleed vulnerability, etc. Also, if you need help with CSR generation, we include that in our SSL Installation Service as well. You’ll just have to indicate that when you schedule your installation and your dedicated SSL specialist will assist you from there!


How Do I Redeem My Installation?

Purchasing our SSL Installation Service is just like buying any of our available products. However, this time you’re purchasing a service. Once you purchase the SSL Installation Service, it will appear in your “My Order” list within your control panel as an order. Then, after the SSL certificate is ready, you can redeem your SSL Installation Service order by scheduling it with our team.

You’ll provide 3 available dates and times and our team will work with you to seclude something that is convenient for you in your given time zone. It is important to note that, since you’re purchasing a service, there is participation required on your end that is necessary, albeit very minimal. Once you request ideal date & times for your installation, an SSL support specialist. Will contact you via phone or email with next steps. Once you schedule a date and time and your method of installation, then you can kick back and watch your dedicated SSL specialist work their magic!


Features & Benefits

  • We support installation for all of our SSL certificate offerings
  • Wide range of server types supported
  • Assurance that your certificate will be properly installed by an SSL expert
  • FREE 24/7 technical support available throughout the lifetime of your certificate
  • Schedule the installation at your convenience
  • SSL control panel to manage your SSL installation services
  • CSR generation assistance included if necessary
  • Assigned a dedicated SSL support specialist
  • All time zones around the world supported


Why Buy from Clovo-Works ?

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

In a nutshell, because you’ll be getting the exact same products as you would from buying direct, but at much lower prices. How is this possible? Because we’re platinum partners with Certum and we buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates. So we’re able to pass those savings directly to our customers. Also, we don’t consider ourselves just an SSL provider, but rather a Premium SSL Service. That’s because we have a team of more than 45 SSL experts standing by ready to support your order. You can always reach our SSL specialists via email, live chat, and telephone.

Windows 10 Alert: Installing Free VPN Services Can Install Rootkit-Based Adware

Hashed Out by The SSL Store™

US-based Windows 10 users have been victimized by the Root-Kit based adware

An Adware strain name Zacinlo is wreaking havoc on US-based Microsoft Windows 10 users. If you’ll remember when it was forced upon us released back in 2015, one of the biggest selling points of Windows 10 was that it featured improved security that was specifically purposed to make it harder for root kits to gain a foothold over the newly minted OS.

Well, here we are three short years later BitDefender has discovered Zacinlo, an adware strain that uses a RootKit component to achieve persistence across OS reinstalls. Granted, RootKit exploits are old news for more dated versions of Windows, but this strain even works on Windows 10. In fact, BitDefender found that nine out of ten victims were using Windows 10, leading them to assume the strain was developed specifically to target Windows 10 users.

The group behind Zacinlo has been actively distributing malware since 2012, though it only appears to have learned how to target Windows 10 users within the past two years. Its longevity doesn’t mean the group has been releasing malware at a steady pace though, rather it has ebbed and flowed with large flourishes in 2014 and 2015 as well as in 2017 and 2018.

Windows 10 Alert: Installing Free VPN Services Can Install Rootkit-Based Adware
How does Zacinlo infect Windows 10 users?

By using the old bait-and-switch. Users think they’re downloading a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client, what they’re really getting is infected.

The adware components are silently installed by a downloader that is presented as a free and anonymous VPN service (s5Mark), distributed in an installer. s5Mark has a simple graphical interface used as a decoy for the intrusive unwanted behavior taking place behind the scenes. Note that a non-technical user is led to believe that a VPN connection is established even though no such thing is even attempted.

Windows 10 Alert: Installing Free VPN Services Can Install Rootkit-Based Adware

For all intents and purposes the VPN part of the app is a total dud, but it does accomplish its primary goal: installing the RootKit on your system.

A RootKit is critical to the adware because it can ensure that Zacinla survives on the host for as long as it needs to.

[The RootKit] is responsible for providing persistence and protection for the other components from being read, written or deleted. It is also used to patch or block antimalware services.

Specifically, the RootKit can block anti-malware solutions from:


The RootKit finds the solutions by their file names or by using the subject field name on their certificates, then it prevents them from ever starting in the first place.
Zacinlo is not a one-trick pony

In addition to its RootKit, Zacinlo also knows a few other tricks. One that we’re well acquainted with is Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Zacinlo can intercept HTTPS connections and eavesdrop on or manipulate traffic. Right now Zacinlo is primarily using that functionality to inject ads. But it certainly stands to reason that the feature can be exploited for more nefarious ends.

Beyond that, jealousy is also an issue. Zacinlo can identify and delete other, competing adware. It can also run a headless version of Google Chrome where it loads web pages and clicks on things so that the hackers behind it can generate money.

It also collects a lot of information about you and the way that you use your computer. It can even take screenshots.

“This functionality has a massive impact on privacy as these screen captures may contain sensitive information such as e-mail, instant messaging or e-banking sessions.”

Best of all, Zacinlo can update itself, adding features along the way to make it even more intrusive and creepy.
How do I get rid of Zacinlo?

This is a good way to test your antivirus/anti-malware solution in a trial by far.

“Since the rootkit driver can tamper with both the operating system and the anti-malware solution, it is better to run a scan in this rescue mode rather than running it normally.”

That’s right, start your machine up in Rescue Mode, Safe Mode, whatever you kids call it these days and then run your security program. If it can identify it, you should be able to delete it and move on with your life.

If it can’t, maybe find a new security solution.

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