A solution to Nigeria’s monetary corruption problem/issue by Oluwatobi Akinmade

A solution to Nigeria’s monetary corruption problem/issue by Oluwatobi Akinmade

” It is intellectually astute for every man to have a plan, even a mad man does, but it is not normal for everything to go as planned while taking into consideration behavioral psychology.” – Oluwatobi Akinmade

Taking into consideration the level of corruption in Nigeria, the country’s image has been soiled not only to indigenous citizens but also to the international/foreign scene. We cannot continue to accept the fact that the only path to making Nigeria a better place is titled or apparently named change. Lets take for instance, in mathematics if you are given a problem to attempt you are expected to solve the challenge not to technically replace it, in the contextual meaning of the word change according to oxford dictionary:- 1.Make or become different, 2. Take or use another instead of, all these means that what ever it is you want to change will no longer be there entirely after the process, i still put forward to you that Nigeria is nothing without the people who make her ( Nigeria ) what she is and the question is do you want to make the people better or technically replace them ?

The elimination or eradication of problems such as bribery and corruption should be tackled with tested strategies taking into consideration behavioral psychological analysis of the targeted people, Nigerian’s are uniquely different up to an extent, you really need to instantiate some sort of intellectually astute strategies simultaneously backing it up with the required policies and plans in order to temporarily reduce the growth of this menace that is battling with country. The level of corruption in Nigeria is not just increasing, it is progressing exponentially, more and more people are been converted from good to bad using known/popular methodological strategies such as inimical threats, bribery, black mail and so on. Corruption itself has diversified its portfolio into the key positions of both public and civil service sectors of the Nigerian Government, that does not only ensure the strenght but the longetivity of this detrimental act in the country.

In 1976 Leutenant General Olusegun Obasanjo was appointed as the head of state of Nigeria after the successful assassination of Muritala Muhammed due to the tribalism trauma that was already rising to his culminated level. In 1979 there was a change of power and alteration of the system of Government, the transition team some way some how knew that the parliamentary system of Government that was practiced prior to military Government in Nigeria was no longer sufficient and efficient for the Nigerian people, they had to switch to Federalism. The presidential system of Government as adopted by the Nigerian government was in akin to the United States of America system of government unlike their former colonial master’s country the United Kingdom. These people saw that there is a need for a change in the system of Government, why didn’t they change the system of economy been practiced in Nigeria from Mixed Economy to Pure and Applied Communism.

Nigeria is technically battling with what i call monetary corruption because what ever the instance is there is always a financial insight attached to the situation, there is only one reason why bribery and corruption has survived this far, and the reason is that the incentives for bribery and corruption have not been removed. if a public servant intends to loot 100 million US dollars from the Nigerian Purse, there must be something he wants to use that money for, in a situation where by we restrict that individual from having in his/her possession such money, not by instantiating some policies and re devised plans but by altering the system of economy in such a way that every individual in the country has estimated amounts they can own respectively from there inception of service till retirement, and most especially no individual in the country should own or control major factors of production. Whenever any of these corrupt individuals are caught they use socialism has their exoneration gateway unless we close the door to socialism up to an extent and instantiate the required policies and plans the looting of large sums of money from the Nigerian Purse will not cease.

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